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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

True Stories: FAQ

After one day of the True Stories class I am absolutely loving it. :) 
Yesterday one of the prompts was

"What questions do others ask you?" 

After thinking on this I came up with quite a few questions. I've decided to share a few that I get often.

Q: Is Jerrie short for something?
A: Nope. My mother is a very practical person. She always says that she named her kids what she was going to call them. Therefore, Jerrie is Jerrie, John is just John, Alex is Alex (DeAnne doesn't seem to fit in this pattern). Mom wasn't big into nicknames (no Johnny) however we've all had a few given by cousins, friends...

Q: What do you do (as in a job)?
A: Huh. I do plenty. Cemetery secretary (say that ten times fast), I work at a shoe store a day or so a week, substitute teacher occasionally, publicity/publications at the museum, mom...

Q: Where did you come up with Archer's name?
A: Long story short from my mother-in-law. She was watching BBC and someone with the name Archer was a character. She told me the story about trying to switch Troy's name to Archer in high school and him having nothing to do with it. The name stuck and when we found out a baby was on the way the only boy name we had was Archer.

Q: Where does Archer get his curls?
A: Me. Although Troy has some wave in his hair (when he has hair) the curly curls are all me.

Q: How many kids do you have?
A: one
Q: Are you going to have more?
A: no
Q: Why?
A: Why did you have more than one? 
Q: Don't you think Archer needs a sibling?
A: no. Ask him - he'll tell you NO!
*As you may have guessed this line of questioning drives me batty! Seems kinda personal doesn't it? 
Sometimes I go into a whole spiel about how he has several families that consider him not only a friend but a brother, that he seamlessly blends into other families, that he comes home from friend's houses thanking us for not having more kids but that he truly loves his brothers and sisters he claims not by blood but by choice...sometimes I'll be short and think people are rude...

and finally...

Q: Do you own stock in Starbucks?
A: I wish. I should.

The question and answer prompt was huge for me. More posts may be coming from this one. 

Finally, do you have a question you'd like to ask me? Leave it in the comments section...


  1. I really enjoyed reading your answers today after hopping over from the forum - I always have time for a fellow coffee addict :)

  2. So...I'm confused...why didn't you have any more kids?

  3. Oh, dear. People still ask if you're going to have more when you have a high shooler?? Good gracious. I despise that question. People ask if we're having more all the time. "Erik's growing up, when are you having another?" Like kids ought to come in multi-packs! I'm always tempted to be creative, flippant and bad with an answer, but now I'm totally going to use your answer "A: Why did you have more than one (I'll say two)? Thank you! :o)

    You could also say that Archer is so fabulous, he stands alone. He needs no stinkin' siblings!! Plus, you're right, he has many, many chosen-family friends.

    Thankfully, I don't believe that I've ever asked you if you were having a sib for Archer, not even when he was wee. But, then, I'm not that sort of question-asker. I prefer things like "Can you meet me at the Starbucks, because I'm lost in Lynden?" ;o) Happy Tuesday, friend!

  4. I get "awww are you a lonely only child??" uhh dunno ive never had a sibling to know what its like...similarly YOU'VE NEVER BEEN AN ONLY CHILD SO WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

    I'm spoilt, lonely, sad and missing something from life.


    Rock on 1-kid families!!!!!!!!!

  5. Brilliant Q&A's. I hated being asked if I was ever having children. How do you say no, I can't have them without them then saying "sorry to hear that". Are you? So am I! If and how many children we have is our business, no-one else's x

  6. Loved your questions & answers. I also love your blog header! Those cupcakes look delish!

  7. Loved reading your FAQ and answers! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Grr I hate the children question, however sweetly it is worded. When are you going to start a family? You'd make a great mom, when are you going to have a baby? It'll be you next are you trying?... Oops, sorry for ranting on your lovely blog :-) x

  9. Hello, classmate :-) Love your Q&A, thanks for sharing! I was particularly interested to read the stories behind your name and Archer's x

  10. I've always liked Archer's name... I don't know if I could come up with another name as unique, so it's just as well you didn't have another. Besides, you have Troy!!! Love, the mother-in-law.

  11. Great questions and answers.....and love the names of both the males in your life.
    Am also a coffee lover....but has to be Costa for me!!

  12. Hello Jerrie, and pleased to find you! Love your FAQs and replies too. My question? I see you like taking photos and cupcakes and interesting quotes - I'm wondering what type of books you like to read, or find inspiring/thought-provoking??


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