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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I've been having a good December journaling and making stuff. Loving the Journal Your Christmas class...so much fun and so much inspiration all over the world.

I was hoping to share more as I went along but let's just go with what I've already photographed. Deal?

Title page:
It's actually two pages, simple. love, LoVe, LOVE the Starbucks bags...I have several just saving 'em up!

And somehow I missed the 2nd page for Dec. 1. Oh well.
Here is December 2. Journaling is under the photo of our snow covered home. Love it. Took the photo on Thanksgiving and now I'm just sitting here in the Pacific Northwest wishing for more cold, white goodness. Please.
The weather outside is weather. Name that movie! (*I thought the title was apt for the PNW...we take what we get and we never really know it's going to be...some years it's rain, wind and floods; other years it is snow, cold, and ice...)

Happy December friends!


  1. Nice pages! Love the Starbucks bag! Got a few pieces from a cup saved. :)

  2. Cool pages so far! I love how you used the Starbucks bag. Also love the title, I'm pretty sure that's from Forgetting Sarah Marshal, because I know I heard it recently and that is one of the few movies I've watched in the last little bit that it could be lol.

  3. I will send you all of the cold and snow and ice and whatever other wintery stuff you want from Illinois. You get ALL of it though. No takebacks, no returns, no refunds, etc. This morning it was 9. :( I do not like 9. I like 59 or 69 or sometimes 79. But 9 is a lonely number.

    And if I ever win the lottery, I would totally hire you to do scrapbooks for me. I do not have any talents in that area and am in awe of you for yours. Rock on!

  4. Good for you! Didn't do it this year because I never finished last year. fAIL!

  5. It looks as though it will be a great journal that will hold a lot of fond memories.


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