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Sunday, January 23, 2011

on my nightstand.

When things go topsy-turvy, upside down, when things hurt and I'm trying to heal I turn toward books. I try to look up and in and hold on tight to beliefs that have gotten me through so many tough times. This is not always easy which is why books can be so helpful. At least to me.

So, on the nightstand right now are The Me I Want To Be by (one of my favorite Christian authors) John Ortberg.  I just finished a powerful chapter on Surrender. I love his humor, his honesty and his straightforward ideas on living our best life. I picked this book up a few months ago and right now is the perfect time for me to be reading it.

Next is The Gift of Imperfection by Dr. Brene Brown. Her blog Ordinary Courage has been in my reader for several years and her words are truth and thought provoking. Courage, Compassion and Connection. Setting boundaries, loving and belonging - so many great topics woven together.

Both of these are easy to read, tender to digest. I find myself stopping, thinking and exploring...it's all good. I just wrote my cousin and in our exchange I think I said it best as, "I'm raw right now so right now is the perfect time to tend my heart and grow."

The last book in the pile is The Awe-manac. This one is fun filled with daily doses of inspiration for creativity. While I haven't been fully engaged with the book I have been following along daily, reading, reminding myself that writing/creating is important to me and my well being. The website for the book is a fun stopping point for me in my blog reading.

And of course at the bottom of the pile is my journal. Never far from me I use it for prompts, spontaneous writing, lists to keep my mind from forgetting what it is I'm suppose to be doing...


  1. Love you Jerrie! Sending you sunny, happy thoughts and praying that your fabulous books give you just what your soul needs right now.

    And, methinks you need some kidmail too... 'cuz that always brings a smile to the topsy-turvy world!

  2. Hey how you doin'? I was wondering if you would be free tonight... I have some questions and some proposals maybe?. Ill call you.


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