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Monday, April 17, 2006

Bad, Bad Blogger

Well...I haven't updated for several days...it was a busy week(end). I am just saying that really. It wasn't too busy. Mostly Archer and I just hung out. He played with some friends. We cleaned the house. Had to stay indoor most of the time due to the rain.

On Sunday I went to church then we had the family over for Easter. Had some great Easter egg hunts. Grandpa David should get an award for most creative hunter. Archer just says he cheats (anyone can mistake an egg or badmitten birdie for an egg, really hehe)! Took some picture with my camera ~ when I get them developed I will post a few. Troy just payed for my new (to me) digital camera that we found on Ebay ~ then I can take pics and post to my hearts delight.

Oh, Alex bought me a Croquet set for Easter (or late birthday). Can't wait to break it out and have a good ole croquet party ~ complete with polo shirts for the boys (watch out Troy and Alex) and white Keds for the chicks (no complaints from me). I think I will have a few extra polos for the guys, you know like jackets at nice restaurants, in case they forget ~ I will have appropriate attire for them.

More soon. Thanks for bearing with me.

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  1. read your blog, hope you get this message, by the way, girls can wear polo shirts too you know


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