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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Still waiting for my new digital camera to make it here. I am so impatient. I am the person who will track packages several times/day given the opportunity. However, there is no tracking number for this, so I have to wait patiently (haha) for the camera to arrive. In the meantime I still have to go get my film developed from Easter...

Archer is taking the WASL this week and for the next two. He says it isn't that bad. They get lots of snacks and down time...No stress for him.

I am meeting with a few ladies tonight about forming a book club. I was involved in one for several years, but then school and life got in the way. I am ready to start discussing books a little bit more. Tami, at the museum, and I have our own "mini" club and discuss different things we've been reading. Always getting new titles...my list is a mile long.
I just got a stack of books from the library today...I will share more later.

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  1. I'm still waiting for my official "role" in the book club.


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