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Sunday, April 30, 2006

My baby is REALLY growing up...

So, when I came home with my new shoes Archer decided he does need some new ones as well. So, this afernoon we went to Freddy's (love Fred's) and he picked out a cool pair of Sketchers (see a theme with us?).Now those are some fancy new shoes.

Last night he tried on my new shoes and told me that they fit..."No they don't," says I. "Yes, they do," says Archer. "NO, they don't" (you get the idea). So he came in with a pair on (the Nike's with the pink swoosh ~ very manly) and sure enough he looks comfy and walked okay...

So, back to the store this afternoon. He tries on several pairs and picks the ones above. Then we came home and took them out of the box and put them next to mine...WOW! is all I can say.This is how you know that your little boy is no longer your little boy. It isn't the independence of going to the park alone or the grown up conversations...it is the feet. The feet that are as big as yours. It is a sad day. He is my baby and always will be!

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