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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rainy Day...

After what turned out to be a glorious weekend and a nice beginning of the week it turned to rain today.
Troy is still feeling under the weather. So, while taking an afternoon nap today I snapped a picture. Poor guy...too sick to fight off the crazy lady with the camera.
The rain forced the animals inside. Ellie Mae, who thinks she is an outdoor cat but isn't, took a little jaunt outside only to find her paws wet. She then moved inside and found a spot on the couch where she recovered for several hours.

Archer and Gabe spent the afternoon plugged into the PS2 playing Champions of Norath. After days in the sun they were ready to get back to the important work of serious gaming. I find it fascinating to listen to their conversations when playing games. I am not a big video game person and to them this is very serious business. Good luck guys!

Oh. I did get Archer to smile for a picture. He REALLY wanted a cheese quesadilla and I told him I wouldn't make him one without a "cute" smile...Now that's what it's all about!

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