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Thursday, April 06, 2006

We're closin' in

We are closin' in on the weekend and Spring Break! I love the breaks. Archer and I being home together ~ who could ask for anything more? Well...maybe going back to school when we are both done with eachother, but mostly we like our time home, hanging out, relaxing, no timetables...So far this break we have no plans. I love that. Nothing to do except whatever we decide.

I didn't have a picture from this Birthday Week, so scrolling through the archives I found this one of Grandma Lee's garden. I like to put this on my computer desktop for a jolt of spring/summer in the cold winter months. Archer loves to go to Grandma's and garden ~ a few weekends ago they planted lettuce and parsnips ~ yum. He is looking forward to trying parsnips for the first time when they (hopefully) produce.

So, yesterday continued my birthday week. Cheryl took me to Taco Time then to the grocery store for a donut! Now that is living. I love Taco Time ~ my favorite fast food restaurants in Lynden.

Archer's school had the Scholastic Book Fair this week. I am a huge sucker for the book fair. We went afterschool yesterday and picked up some (hopefully) good reads.

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