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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Duck Days

Traveling Troy:
Troy is off to Washington D.C. He checked in and made it there safe and sound. He didn't have a lot of time, or energy, to look around much ~ but what he did see he enjoyed. Tomorrow and Friday he begins working, then has the weekend free to explore. He did share that he didn't go out to eat, but ordered room service instead ~ he had a fifteen dollar quesadilla. That better be some super tortillas and cheese! Aaaahhh....he is living in luxury now!

On the Lynden Front:
We went to the pond today to see the ducks. The momma and her 13 babies weren't there, but the others were and they were ready to eat! It is really fun to feed the ducks and see them fight for the food with the fish. Both the ducks and the fish are very aggressive ~ it is always a battle! The white duck is the big eater, pushing others out of the way and smacking them with her beak for the bread crumbs...Yesterday Archer got chased by the goose! It scared him a bit, but Troy and I found it a bit amusing! No goose chasing today! Lucky boy!
I was looking through pictures and here is one of Archer feeding ducks, who are probably our ducks ancestors, when he was four. This picture was taken by Grandma Lee, who always took him to the ducks when she would visit!
They grow up so fast! Amazing!

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