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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Oh the Life I Lead...

(or Help Me! I beg of you!)
"Ladies and Gentlemen...Start Your Engines..."
Troy is great as the announcer at the Lynde 500 which is coming up this weekend. The Lynde 500 gives him a microphone (God help us all) and about four hours of rambling on and on about nothing in particular...He just gets to talk and be obnoxious. It is like Christmas for him.

This is how we usually see him. Granades and all. This is typical weekend gear, he doesn't wear the packs (and granades) around the house, but on Sundays he goes and plays airsoft with some other guys and this is what he looks like when he leaves. Archer just got his first good airsoft gun and has played with dad and the guys a couple of times. Fun times.


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