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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Update: Room Makeover

Well, here it is ~ Archer's new room! It is practically complete. I have ordered a pillow and a few pennants, so still waiting on those. The room turned out great! I love the colors and I am sure Archer will enjoy it much more than the "before" room!

Archer's room wouldn't be complete without lamby and penguin (original names, I know) with a place of honor on the bed! Notice the fan in the window. Archer can not go without a fan, ever! He uses it ALL year!

Horton checking things out. He isn't to fond of change, so this will take a little getting used to for him. He enjoys laying on Archer's bed, so I am sure he will LOVE being able to leave all his white fur all over the new black bedspread!

An organized closet (wowzers!)! And a foosball table (it all fit) a wonderful (and much used) gift from Grandma & Grandpa Schultz!

The beautiful red wall! That took some effort! My childhood dresser with a globe from Grandpa David for 15 years of service at Boeing. Notice the microscope on the shelves (thanks Grandma Lee)! And yes, that is an armadillo on the top shelf courtesy of dad! There is a picture of Nick on the bulliten board (the first!)!

Thanks Lorinda for your help in getting this all put together, organized, and cleaned up.

Thanks Cheryl for the shopping ('nuf said). If only others new the joy and exhiliration!

I am excited for Archer to see his new room! I love you baby boy! :)


  1. What a lovely room!!! Someone must have one fabulous cousin that thoroughly enjoys tossing crap and organizing! (I had a great day! With great food!) Hope you love it, Archer! if not, i'll move in and you can live here with the other smelly boys.

  2. Joy & exhilaration ... um yeah, that's EXACTLY what's running through my mind with those memories!!! :)

    His room looks great ... now when do the sleepovers start?

  3. Wow - amazing job! A very cool room. And, I aspire to having organized closet space...



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