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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Archer's Favorite Place

Archer cleaned his desk out today and brought home a large stack of papers. In it was this piece of writing. I wanted to share...

My favorite place to go to is my grandma and grandpa's because they have a wide open space in the trees and a long garden and a dog running around. Then there are three cats. There is a lot of stuff there. It is just a beautiful place. There are more things in Gig Harbor. You can go to the zoo. The way to the zoo is just trees and it is really nice to look out the window and see squirrels. After that you can go to the park. It is just a tiny park and there are trees surrounding the park. Then when you go back you can go and lay right in the middle of the lawn looking at butterflies go over you and have a dog or cat laying down on you.

I thought that this was a sweet piece of writing. Archer loves going to Gig Harbor as you can see.

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  1. Oh my-- you do know how to touch my heart... we love you, Archer, and you are always welcome to come to our little paradise. Love, Grandma


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