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Sunday, November 19, 2006

November has been blown away...

I woke up this morning to more wind. Quite honestly we don't need anymore wind. The back yard looks like someone littered it with branches.

I haven't posted since the first. We have been busy. We went to the Bodies exhibit in Seattle with Grandma Lee and Papa George. I have worked alot (although not this week). We've had friends over, including book club on Friday night! Tonight is the Night of Giving at the mall and Thai food for Lorinda's birthday....Can't wait!

Archer has been taking some pictures, however for the most part this November has been largely undocumented.

Here are a few favorites...

Jazz (or Spazz as she is called now) is so lady like!

We had to move the bird. Jazz is finally big enough to jump up on the chest that previosly housed the bird. Horton was never able to jump that high (his weight issues and all) and he honestly could care less about the bird. Ellie May was very interested in the bird when he first came into the house, but after jumping up at him and having the bird fly at her face she pretty much left him alone. Jazz, however, decided right away Fill-up looked like a tasty snack. Despite being squirted and reprimanded she is still quite interested.

What a wonderful day it was to see these two sleeping so close to one another. They still fight, but I think it is mostly play! Jazz has socialized Ellie May some, making her a little less skittish and alot more friendly.

And last but not least...Archer's pick of the week. Jazz has quite a fascination with the toilet. 'Nuff said.

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