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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Boy stuff

Archer had a couple friends over today. They did "boy" stuff - played World of Warcraft, played other video games, built some legos...Boy stuff. It is fun to see boys just hanging out being boys. This is such an interesting time of life. These kids are caught in the need to be independent and grown up and their desire to remain kids. Archer, as an only child and by the sheer force of his personality, hasn't had a huge need to change and "act" older. He does, however, exhibit some of those preteen attitudes (which he has had since birth) on occassion. Mostly, though he is pretty fun loving and laid back with his own definite ideas on what should be...

More boy stuff. Alex, the cutie, came by today with his new shotgun (weeee fun) and went shootin' with Troy. Things to notice in this picture: Alex always wears 2 shirts...I think it is because if one gets dirty he can switch...I don't know; and there is a picture of Alex in this picture...he and Archer are even doing boy stuff in the pic...Great fun; and third it is sunny outside...don't know if you can tell but that light outside the door is sun! Yippee!
And last a picture of Jazz (not a boy) doing cat stuff. She is crazy.


  1. awww, boys WILL be boys! What's up with Daniel & Casey's face?!? What exactly are you feeding the kids over there?

    LOVE the "looking back" picture of Archer!

  2. Hey guys! Madeline loves your site too. She demands, "Kids again, again!! Kids! And, Cat! Cat, again!"


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