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Thursday, April 05, 2007


A beautiful Spring day with our two indoor cats out on an adventure. Ellie May (orange) goes out all the time. She thinks she is a big, bad outdoor cat (she isn't). Horton and Kitten (Jazz, Spaz) are indoor cats. Archer has taken to "walking" Kitten, but I'm not sure how much she likes it. Horton goes outside with us sometimes. Sometimes he even walks to the end of the garage (he is tough). He also likes to lay in the sun with me while I am reading a book. Well, this was the first outdoor adventure of the year. Horton and Kitten ventured out (about 6 feet from the door) for a few (very few) minutes before scurrying back in! I am sure many more adventures are to come this year...they are so funny. They think they are big toughies when in reality they don't want the door to shut behind them.

FYI- while Horton and Kitten were on their adventure Ellie May kept a close eye on them. I think she was worried (at least that's what I would like to think). She even sat by me waiting for them to go in before she went and "did" whatever it is she does outside.

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