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Saturday, April 28, 2007

D.C. - Day 2

We went to the Spy Museum, which was ultra cool, however "no pictures allowed," so I snapped this of the FBI building...makes me think of Mulder and Scully. I don't remember seeing the FBI building last time I was here, but this wasn't overly impressive...I wanted HUGE, BLACK, SCARY! Nope, just another big building in D.C.Another trip to the E.S.P.N. Zone. I think it will be our last, as now Troy isn't working and we will have more of a 'plan.'
This one is for Lorinda...Archer and I found at least 20 Starbucks by now. We have gone to several as well. It is like being back home...The Albert Einstein memorial. This was impressive, far bigger than we thought it was going to be. I have a better pic of 'Arch and Al' but the whole rotating pictures thing is messing with me. Archer really enjoyed this one. He has a fascination with Einstein. The monument in itself is pretty cool. The floor is a map of the constellations...Archer had to point that out to me...I had no clue. We were able to identify several constellations, however we got there early in the morning, so the floor was still wet and had many leaves, etc on it.
Some may recall that back in October Archer studied Einstein and portrayed him in a class project. On our way to town as we crossed over the freeway...


  1. The Einstein Memorial is VERY cool. I had no idea. I really like the picture of Archer looking at him ... frame-worthy!

  2. Wow! Fun - the Einstein exhibit looks very cool. Makes me want to visit.


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