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Saturday, April 28, 2007

D.C. in Pictures

The Backyard Habitat at the U.S. Botanic Gardens. I thought this was just a wonderful slice of heaven in a very busy city. Reminded me of being at home in my mom's yard.
The U.S. capitol. Where all the *stuff* happens.
We went back to the Einstein Memorial today because Troy hadn't seen it. It was fantastic. On the floor is a map of the constellations as they were in the sky on the date the statue was dedicated. Very cool.
Still a few cherry blossoms!
Artwork at the FDR Memorial Park.
Climbing the "I Hate War" blocks at the FDR Memorial Park.
Mrs. Roosevelt and I.
So true. (Thomas Jefferson)
On the walk across the tidal basin of the Potomac River to the Jefferson Memorial.
I know this one is sideways but it kinda reminded us of Alex. (I love you little brother!) These were all over...kept reminding us of Alex for some reason...I dunno.
Natural History Museum. Troy's favorite dinosaur.
I think this squirrel just poses for pictures all day long. Really. He moves, holds the pose for a bit then moves again. Stinkin' adorable.
My "thinkers"


  1. OK, let's start at the top. #1 - Pretty picture. #2 - Stuff ... eek! #3 - Still cool. #4 - Pretty Cherry Blossoms. #5 - Interesting artwork. #6 - I hate war too! #7 - Mrs. Roosevelt rocks ... and so does your outfit. Let's hear all the elements of it! :) #8 - Ditto. #9 - Handsome boys. #10 - Alex looks different than I remember him. #11 - Scary dinosaur. #12 - Squirrels ALWAYS pose! #13 - I love how Archer thinks, with his finger up his nose ... too cute! :)

  2. I would really like that last statue... could you bring it to me??? Lovely pictures-- I love living vicariously!!! Love, Lee

  3. Your pictures are great...how exciting to see the DC sights! I like the one of you and Mrs. Roosevelt...she would probably like to have your cool outfit rather than what she's wearing. =)

    - From Cheryl's Mom


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