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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Birthday

to me! I happen to love my birthday. I always have (just ask my mom). I like month-long celebrations. I love getting older (and wiser). I don't care. It's going to happen - might as well embrace it! I remember when my brother turned 25. I thought he was soooo Old...now at 33 and he almost 40 that doesn't seem so old anymore. I am loving my 30s. Fun times ahead.


  1. Happy,Happy Day Jerry!!! And, "Happy Berfday to you Jare-ey!" from Madeline. We all wish you a wonderful 33rd year!

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  3. Happy Birthday! I bet you didn't know you could have such a fun-filled day without presents to show for it! :} Hope your day was & continues to be great!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Jerrie-- Wow -- how can you be 33 already??? A present is in the mail, Love, Lee

  5. John and I wish you a Happy 33rd as well!! I'm with you embrace your age, it's better than the alternative

    I love all the updates



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