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Sunday, April 08, 2007

My sister

This is my beautiful sister. We had Easter lunch at my mom's house and my mom snapped this picture of us. I am a hugger, DeAnne lets me hug. She has had a rough day (last night...). She is a strong, brave girl and a wonderful friend. She is devoted to her friends. They are lucky to have her. Her heart is broken right now, but she is staying strong. I love her.Her best friend, who we have known since they were in Kindergarten, just lost her dad. It breaks my heart. Her friend has been out of town, and as of this writing still is, and hasn't found out about her dad. DeAnne has been a rock. Her friend calling, not able to tell her, not able to console her, knowing that when she comes home her world will come crashing down around her. My heart goes out to DeAnne, her friend, and her family.

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