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Sunday, April 29, 2007

National Zoo

As you might be able to tell today we went to the National Zoo. We took the Metro up to the zoo and spent about six hours exploring. It was 75 degrees today, the zoo was busy, but it was great! Favorites were the water animals - bevers, river otters - they weren't too warm to be active. Archer really enjoyed seeing the pandas (the only ones in the U.S.) and the sloth bear, who has issues - he paces constantly. We met a volunteer who is keeping records on the bear and his pacing. Very interesting. We really enjoyed the volunteers at the zoo who were very informative and friendly. They were available at almost every exhibit to talk about the animals and some even had objects, such as skulls, to share. Here is a sampling of our zoo pictures. I didn't write by each one as I am tired and most are self explanatory...If you have any questions let me know.

Tomorrow we are renting a car and are off to Baltimore. Yes, I said Baltimore, I know don't be jealous. Evidently Baltimore houses the headquarters for Games Workshop! Fascinating! We are also going to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, a tank museum. This is obviously all boy stuff. I am just along for the ride! Fun times!


  1. Cool pictures! I like the tiger best ... so cute hanging out in the box. And there's Archer, monkeying around again. HA ... I'm so brilliant! I think the people pictures are fab as well. Good job!

  2. Fun pictures and trip! I want to go to D.C....
    Horton and Co. are well although Sam doesn't think Horton has moved from his spot on the couch for three days! Exercise could be part of his weight problem....mmmm.
    Have fun and take care all is well on the homefront.


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