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Friday, July 13, 2007


As the title suggests I am employed. Okay, this may not be big news for most as I have been working forever. I am the 'cemetery secretary' which has a great title and have been subbing for a few years.

As this spring approached it was time to start applying for some jobs. You know a job that will use the 8 years of schooling I had...My hope was a part-time job, so I could continue to be an awesome wife and mother :) first! I LOVE to teach, however I LOVE to be a mom and wife even more. I went on an interview and from that got a REAL teaching job that is only a few mornings a week...and, even better, it is a job that I will LOVE. I will be kinda job sharing with the absolutely fantastic teacher I did my student teaching with in Special Ed. The special ed/general ed debate was big in my head...which do I really want? After much soul searching I realized that special ed is really my calling...I enjoyed general ed, but I am a special ed teacher at heart.

So, come this fall I will be a teacher. A real teacher - just like Pinocchio when he became a real boy. : )

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has supported me for the past 10 years through school and student teaching and subbing!

And I want to let my friends know I will be working part-time and I will have time for you. I promise!


  1. MANY congratulations on your job-thing! I am very happy for you!!! I know that part-time is what you were looking for as well as it being close to home, so it's the perfect situation for all involved. Selfishly, I would like you to be home at all times, so we can hang out & get Blizzards as often as possible, but I realize that's not realistic (whatever). Congrats again ... you deserve it! ◘

  2. Excellent news Jerrie! Congrats!! Plus part-time, that's hard to get but great for balance. So happy to hear that you got exactly what you were looking for - Hooray!!

  3. I'm a little late to the party - eek! Fashionably late, I shall call it. A grand entrance, if you will. But enough about me...

    CONGRATULATIONS!! It takes a special person to teach the special ed population and I think you will do a fantastic job. Even though we've never formally "met," I can just tell that you are a wonderful, kind, caring, and considerate person and I think you will be perfect. I wish you the best as you start your new career!


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