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Monday, July 23, 2007

Getting ready

Today we are getting ready for our trip to Indiana. This will be our first trip back since Archer was a year old. Archer is very excited - he has been wanting to go to Indiana for years. So, today and tomorrow we are packing, cleaning, and getting ready in general. Looking forward to seeing Troy's Aunt Karen and Uncle Bill - they are awesome. Archer is happy because there will be pets on this vacation (nothing to pet or play with in D.C.) and he just love to play with Karen and Bill's dog, Ty! We are meeting Troy's parents in Seattle tomorrow night around 10 and then off we go for a week in Indiana.


  1. I hope you guys have a great time ... I'm sure you will!!! Take lots of pictures ... you know I'll want a play-by-play!

    I wonder if Horton will miss Troy at all?!? HA ... poor kitties ... they'll be sick of me soon enough! If I don't lose any of them, that is!!!

  2. I will be on the lookout for the Jerrie family to fly over or drive through Illinois on the way to Indiana and back home again. So far I've not seen you, but to be honest, I was probably sleeping in since I'm on vacation too. I'll try harder though.

  3. Happy and safe travels to you guys! How exciting to go on vacation! Can't wait to see the blog posts! :)


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