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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here it is...

I have been informed that I need to update my blog (thank you Cheryl). So, what have we been up to? Well..."a little bit of this and that." I had my first "real" teacher meeting -with many more to come in the next few weeks. The NW WA Fair is in full swing here in Lynden - Archer has already been once. So, here are a few pics to entertain you! :)

Archer bought me this at the fair yesterday. He is such a kind boy - he LOVES to give gifts and I was very touched that he spent his fair money on a gift for me! Thanks Arch.
We are ready for school. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE school supplies. Here is a 'little' sampling of some of the things i have picked up so far this year. Most of this is for Archer, but since I too am going 'back to school' I picked up some great stuff for myself as well. Don't you just love the great colors of notebooks and pencils? I am sad that we no longer need to buy a fresh box of crayons - love the colors, the smell. I may go pick myself up a Big Box just for fun!
And this little guy (couldn't get a good picture of him) was being quite noisy this afternoon while I was on the patio trying to read and escape the noise of the bird in the house! :)
Happy end of summer! Enjoy the last weeks of carefree summer days!


  1. Yay ... I'm so glad you finally updated your blog & even included pictures (you know how much I love them). I'm surprised Jazz or Ellie May didn't try to "take care of" the bird ... maybe next time. I asked Archer why he didn't buy me a present, he said YOU said he had to come home with some money leftover ... whatever. I blame YOU!!!!! :}

  2. Oh I LOVE shopping for school supplies! If it wasn't for being on such a tight budget I would buy lots of stuff for me too!

    I do think I am going to take Kayla to Wal-mart tomorrow night to pick out some fun stuff for her new locker though! My kids go back to school on Thursday!

  3. Way cool update! I wondered where you've been!!

    I love office/school supplies too. I love walking up and down the isles looking.

  4. You mean I'm not the only one she bugs about updating???? OMG...I feel so...so...not-special now.


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