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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Our family is very lucky because we have a Pumpkin Fairy. Each year the Pumpkin Fairy drops pumpkins at our front door. Isn't that fantastic? Not many people have a Pumpkin Fairy, however I do know of a few families around here that are as lucky as we are.

This year the fairy dropped this big-old heavy pumpkin off while we were all in the house in the middle of the day. We opened our door to leave and there it was! That Pumpkin Fairy is sneaky!

Archer getting ready to carve. He loves when the Pumpkin Fairy comes. We probably wouldn't even carve if she (I just assume it is a she - haha) didn't bring a pumpkin. It just wouldn't be the same.

Beginning the carving process. Archer says this pumpkin was very thick! He even had to get his dad to come in and carve a bit! That pumpkin was tough - didn't go down without a fight!

The final product. Took the place of the mum that decided it didn't like life on our front porch. See what happens plants? If you don't want to live here we will replace you! Sorry...now back to my human readers...

Um. I don't even know what to say about this. For those of you who know Troy this is just another day. For those of you who don't you probably are wondering about sanity in this household. Sanity is highly overrated. Troy is actually getting ready for an airsoft game next weekend - Warewolves vs. Vampires...and as Troy doesn't like to follow most directions or rules he is evidently going as a vampire hunter/slayer.

Happy Halloween!


  1. We too have a pumpkin fairy! They came in the middle of the day when we were home and yet once again we did not see her...sneaky!

    Mmmmwhat to say about Troy's new look...can't think of a thing, i must be speechless.

  2. Great job on the carving Archer!

    And sanity....what is it really? And who is really privilaged enought to have it?

  3. How lovely to have a pumpkin fairy. You must be awfully special because I've never heard of her (or him) before. Hmmmm ...

    I can't say that picture of Troy surprises me at all ... that's just the Troy we all know (and try to love).


  4. Love the Pumpkin ~ Archer did a great job!

    I can't say that we have a Pumpkin Fairy either. Probably doesn't like our side of town!!

  5. Alas, there is no Pumpkin Fairy that visits our home. We did accidentally grow pumpkins this year though....does that count for anything?

    Troy's new look is...interesting! I hope you like hairy men. I know that our mutual friend cares not for them. Oh well. Her loss!

  6. WOW Archer is getting so big!
    Does he still wear his PJ's and rubber boots all day?
    Those were the days....


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