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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Change of Plans

Tonight did not turn into the night I had originally planned. "The best laid plans...."

After grocery shopping at Trader Joes (yay!) I went to my mom's to see Alex for a bit. Since he was coming out for an airsoft game tomorrow I asked him if he wanted to come out and spend the night...thought we could watch a scary movie! Okay...so I take him to his house to get his 'stuff' and all of the sudden his wrist starts to hurt. He looks at it and it looks like a bone is sticking up on the inside of the wrist. Weird. So, we decide (after consulting aunt Berta) that a trip to the E.R. is in order. Of course he wanted to stop at a store and pick up the new Guitar Hero first - one must have priorities.
So after a few hours in the E.R. (fun times really) we find out he has a volar ganglion cyst...Also known as the Bible cyst! Treatment? Immobilization, Ibuprofen, Vicodin, possibly surgery in the future.
Playing Guitar Hero III when we finally got home from our exciting E.R. adventure!
I like this picture because this is probably how he feels on vicodin.


  1. Sorry to hear about your brother. No fun spending time in the ER. Fortunately (or not) any time we've been to the ER it's been by Ambulance so we get in quicker!

    I have one of those on my wrist too but mine doesn't hurt very much, thankfully!

  2. WTH ... Alex is a walking E.R. visit! Poor guy! I like that he still plays Guitar Hero even with his injury. Tell him I'll take any extra Vicodin ... there is nothing better on day 1 & 2 for me! :)

  3. Fred has one too...weird. You are a nice sister, I think I would have dropped him off @ ER and left. I really really dislike that place. I mean really...if he could play guitar hero then he could be at ER alone. Of course , w/ my guys I have been there ALOT.


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