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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gone....for a drive?

Well it is really gone at least for this year. We took down the tree today, which is pretty early for us...I usually wait until the last possible moment. You know after EVERYONE else has theirs down, but this year it came down early. Maybe it is because I can put it up right after Thanksgiving that gives me my fill! Jazz is sad. Archer has moved his couch/bed to the location...for now.

Troy playing Call of Duty 3. I think it is funny that with the Wii he has to steer the jeeps!


  1. I think it is WAY too early to take down the tree. I don't care if you put it up in October (please don't) you should at least leave it up until New Year's ... c'mon, take it outta the box. SET IT FREE!!!!

  2. I'm with ya sista...mine is comin' down! The house is yucky and I wanna clean...might as well start with the tree.
    Think I'll buy some daffodils and declare it spring :-)

  3. There have been years when my tree has come down on the 26th! But there has been years when the tree didn't even go up until the 24th! I am leaving ours up until New Years just on GP because we had to redo the whole thing!

  4. I think that it's always sad when the tree comes down. The last few years it's been after New Years when we've taken it down. This year I didn't even get it up until the 23rd!


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