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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Long day...

Went shopping with Cheryl today. It was tiring! Lots of people out there trying to get in our way. I really don't like to shop during the holidays...too busy for me.

Tomorrow is my Christmas with Lorinda! Looking forward to that. We will exchange our presents and eat some Thai. Yummy and fun! (Maybe we will even make a trek to the scrapbook store...oh yea!).

Happy Saturday night!


  1. It wasn't just tiring, it was SUPER tiring ... my goodness. It really would've been helpful if at least half the people would've just stayed home. C'mon, really, how many of them really NEEDED to be out there? :}

    See, I knew you didn't NEED Thai today ... I can't wait to see what Lorinda gets you though. Be sure to blog about it!!!

  2. So nice that you and Lorinda have a little Cmas left yet. Have a fun time and don't get too crazy at the scrapbook store. PS-Micheals sale flyer looked good this morning.


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