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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Cheryl!

Oh Happy Day! It isn't everyday that someone "your age" turns...you know..."your age." I wonder how that will feel? Do you feel any different?

All kidding aside - Have a very Happy Birthday! (Which you should b/c you get to hang w/ me & Sharon and we rock!)

*The picture from the NWWFair that I am allowed to show people!Museum open house w/ the beautiful Callie.
A Wii Bowler champion! Let me correct that to couch Wii Bowler champion!
Cheryl. devoted mom. loyal friend. candy lover. reader. blogger. crunchy. freaking awesome. wacky. loves food. loves Tim. tolerates Faith. Princess of the pile. QOD. Prompt (early). Picture taker. Cat lover. Super shopper.

That is about it for my brain today! We shall go out, eat, watch a movie, "hang" - We will rock!

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  1. AWWWWWWWWW, thanks SO much dearest one! I had a fantastic time today "hanging" with you & Sharon!!! I love all the goodies you gave me ... I'm a lucky girl to have a friend like you.

    (even if you didn't shed a tear at the movie ... you heartless wench ... HA)!!!


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