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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

coffee w/ the cuz!

I had the opportunity to spend an hour (+ some) with my lovely cousin Lorinda today. We met up at Treasury of Memories - cruised the store, bought some stuff - then off to Starbucks for some skinny drinks and conversation.

It is great to just hang out with her. We always have a good time no matter where we go or what we are doing.

I love the "The Way I See It" messages on the Starbucks mugs and took the opportunity to capture a picture today. Go here to see Lorinda enjoying her skinny cinnamon dulce (1/2 syrup) drink.


  1. That's a very artistic shot ... I'm impressed.

    Were you & Lorinda matching today?

  2. I am going to take my skinny coupons and go too!
    A skinny is better than nothing :)


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