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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Frozen feet.

Whenever it snows Archer wants to run out into the yard and back in his bare feet. This is crazy - I know - and I thought I better have evidence. One day he may have children who want to do this and being a good parent he will probably say no...I, as we established earlier am not running for mom-of-the-year, so I thought I should gather the proof today! I even made him stop (he usually just runs) and pose for a picture (notice the look on his face) - he did (willingly I might add).Crazy kid. :)


  1. Hmmmm...I guess it could be worse. He could want to run out there only in his underwear. Barefooted is pretty mild compared to that, dontcha think? LOL

    We should start a Never-Gonna-Be-Mother-Of-The-Year support group. I think I can be president. I feel I am highly qualified for the position as evidenced by, well, my children and the amount of therapy they are going to need as adults.

  2. Love it! I look at it this way - it's good to raise tough kids. ;o)

  3. Could this be a new sport? Instead of fire walking....snow walking?! :)

  4. Go tuff kid go! I have cousins who can jump into cold water...I sit on the beach and whimper. I wanna be a tuff kid. ;(

  5. Archer-
    That is weird. Do you have the urge to jump when you are at a great height? I do. No urge to go outside in the snow w/out shoes tho.

  6. ah Archer, how we all love you & your quirky little traits!!! Too bad the snow didn't stick around for you & Calob to play in ... maybe next time! ☺


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