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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fairhaven w/ the Girls

Today we had a girl's day out - me, Cheryl, Sharon, and Julie. We went and saw Juno - which was very good - go see it!

We went to the new Thai restaurant in Fairhaven - On Rice (next to the Market Place building). Then walked around Fairhaven - I love Fairhaven! And then the movie.

Here are a few picture from the Garden Spot nursery - a cute little nursery that I enjoy...Troy bought me a flower from there when we were first dating. He didn't have very much money and brought his own (glass) Coke bottle and they hand delivered it w/ a poem he wrote - so nice!

The "J" section in the Picture book section.
Sharon & Cheryl on the stairs at Village Books - going to look at the adult books!


  1. It was DEFINITELY a fun day & I absolutely LOVED the movie!!! You took some neat pictures (as usual).

    Sheesh Jerrie, did you really have to tell people about the "adult" books we were looking at? At least we bought the ones you recommended!!! ☺

  2. Great pics!! I like the one of Cheryl and I on the stairs although it didn't catch where she tried to push me down!!

  3. I really want to see Juno, I saw the woman who wrote the screenplay in an interview...she was delightful. I rarely go to the movies these days so it probably won't happen.
    Glad you had a fun "girl day", I love "girl days".
    BTW..great photos gal!

  4. Why are there no pictures from the adult book section????

  5. Fun! Nice photos, it amazes me that you have your camera with you everywhere you go. I get to go to On Rice tonight. Can't wait!


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