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Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Purse. My Life.

While watching Archer at Tae Kwon Do tonight I was quite the object of a little girl's admiration. She loved my "bag of stuff." I gave her a sheet of paper and a pen. We looked at a magazine together. I gave her a mint (they aren't to hot for her and she is four). We played music on my cell phone and I made a little video (since deleted) of her on my camera. Not only does my purse keep me occupied, but it was a source of entertainment for sweet Ivy as well.

Contents include:
  • 2 magazines
  • 1 book (which I had taken out at this time to read during TKD)
  • cute notebook
  • 7 pens (including 2 from the bank and a cool Paris Las Vegas floaty)
  • keys
  • camera
  • cell phone
  • 2 calendars (don't ask)
  • mints and gum
  • 2 lip balms (1 Burts Bees, 1 Avon)
  • mini photo album
  • lotion
  • wallet
  • checkbook
  • receipts - gas, groceries, library)
  • dried mangos
  • 4 AA batteries

Now I don't think that is a lot (although my camera is slightly large). The other day Archer told me I had a lot in my purse for it being so small...I wonder what he considers big...

What's in your purse?


  1. Was the "not hot mint" comment directed at me by chance? ☺

    You certainly do have quite an assortment of goodies in your purse. I bet it's like a carnival when you look inside. It's no wonder Ivy was intrigued.

  2. ohhhh myyyy...you would ask this question when I am carrying the largest purse I have carried in my whole life.
    annnddd....it's a huge mess.
    Oh my stinkin' heck.
    small wallet w/ money and credit cards
    hard case with scrip sunglasses
    paper receipt from hotel last week
    empty case for eyeglasses
    "dirty girls" notebook
    directions to pick up fridge
    grocery list
    check book
    empty gum pack
    hot pink hair pick...circa 1987
    Traumeel arthritis gel
    Arniflora homeopathic gel
    keys to cabin
    pocket knife
    beaded necklace
    my grandmas pill box w/ibus
    moist hand wipes - 2
    kleenex travel size, 4 opened pks
    sunglasses case
    glam girlie compact mirror
    errant list from last week
    hand lotion
    clonazipam in a tin...my dog died
    bottom swimmers:
    loose change, bandaids, one dead AA battery, 6 lipsticks, one eye pencil, three pens, one eraser stick

  3. You don't have enough room in your comments for me to list the contents of my purse. Every morning when I pull out my keys (they're on a lanyard so they are easy to pull out), I think "Girlfriend, you REALLY need to clean out your purse!" But I've yet to do it.

    I have lip balms (or lipchap as we now call them after a particularly hilarious episode of "Flavor of Love") EVERYWHERE! I must! It's an addiction!

  4. Wallet
    US Customs pen
    4 o.b.
    Burt's Bee lip color
    Burt's Bee chap stick
    Cool Las Vegas Paris floaty pen
    bobby pins
    glasses cleaner
    Costco/Trader Joe/Barron Spa list
    reading glasses
    paint chip from my bathroom
    dark chocolate altoids
    museum keys
    business cards-mine
    Not bad huh?
    I also carry a larger bag sometimes. With camera, notebook, museum schedules and phone numbers and shoes.
    Sorry you asked?

  5. Which purse?
    My shopping purse?
    My work bag?
    My creative tote?
    My just running to the store purse?


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