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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


As I was loading the pictures on the computer this afternoon Archer walked up behind me and with a shocked voiced said "Is that what my hair looks like?"
me: "Uh...yes as a matter of fact it does."
Archer: "I think it needs to be trimmed."
me: "Hmmmm. What makes you think that?"
A: "Well this (pointing to his head) and this (more pointing). I bet you're happy now, huh?"
me: "Yep. When are we going to get your hair trimmed?"
A: "Oh I don't know. Sometime."

Well it was nice while it lasted. Hopefully there will be a little trim in the near future (insert big mom smile here!).


  1. ha ha ha ... I've been telling him (every time I see him) that he needs a hair cut. Heck, I think some of his curls are as long as mine!! ha ha ha ☻

  2. Thanks for stopping by the whistlestop cafe.
    I am glad to have found your blog- come by again!

  3. That is funny! Eli is in the process of trying to grow his hair out and I just pray that he will decide to chop it off any day now! One can dream Jerrie.....

  4. I kinda like his curls, the kid has great hair....I think it's cuz I was a teenager in the 70's...still trying to grow up.

  5. I got a Great Clips coupn for a $5 HC in the mail today. Want it? Or let Sam do it. Free.

  6. I would LOVE it if my oldest would ask for a haircut, a trim, or a butchering of his hair! He keeps the back short, but the bangs are rather long and it drives me insane. But it's his hair and he's the one that has to wear it, not me. Apparently that's the style now, so whatever.

    But good luck with your situation. I think he looks fine in the pics I've seen, for what it's worth. :~)


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