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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kitchen window view.

I was over at Shelly's blog and she had recently participated in a meme (wow Shelly!). So, she posed the question of what is outside your kitchen window. Well, let me tell you what is outside of my kitchen window is NOT pretty.

We aren't really gardeners over here. Sure I like a nice plant and LOVE to see others gardens and am very drawn to flowers, but the actual gardening thing? Not so much. I really, really tried. Just ask my husband. When we lived in an apartment and had a 20 foot patch of dirt I did wonderfully - moved to a house with a yard and flower beds all around...things went to heck.

I went to take a picture out of my actual kitchen window (there is quite a big window actually) but couldn't due to the fact that a) it is dirty (very) and b) there is a flag light-thing hanging in front of the window from so many years ago I can't even remember. Every once in awhile in the summer I plug it in to make myself not feel bad for never taking it down

In this picture is the trees that separate us from our neighbors, some boards that I am sure Troy is thinking he will make something out of and part of the twig sculpture that use to be in the park downtown. The sculpture looked great downtown (especially in the snow) and looked nice when Troy first moved it here, but now it just looks like a pile of twigs! Anyone need firewood?
Outside of our eating area is the patio. Right now the patio doesn't look nice and houses this (see below). This is an old buggy that Troy thinks he is going to refurbish. I like our patio. It is a nice size and by mid-June I have is all jazzed up for summer! The patio gets decorated with linens and flowers and candles - looks pretty nice and is a nice place to escape to especially when it is hot since it only gets sun for a few hours a day in summer. If only all those needles would keep them selves on the trees!
This is the actual view of the kitchen window. Looks sad doesn't it? I think I will finally take down the flag lights...Can a window box be put here? We have siding, so I don't know how that would work. Troy took all of the patio furniture and since we have NO room in the garage piled it against the back of the house - looks homey huh? GAG! (notice the wagon wheels in the picture?)
Well that's it. Now that I posted these I feel like I need to make a real effort to jazz the whole back up and show you again! This looks pitiful! Give me until June then ask to see it again...

Hey Shelly, maybe I can help you blog and you can help me make my back yard not look like a pile of $%@&! Happy day!


  1. I think your backyard is fine, it looks lived in & comfortable. Heck, it IS winter Jerrie! And you do a great job of making it look pretty & welcome in the summer. ☺

  2. Yeah, my backyard looks worse (Winter and all, well and the not doing anything to it)...

    Plus, those planks of wood in your backyard make a great balance beam and/or pirate-ship plank for toddlers!

  3. Hey girl, I see lots of stuff that would make really cool yard art! You know me...I think everything has "yard art potential".
    We have tons of junk, we just have more places to hide it. :D

  4. That was cool Jerrie! But also made me realize I don't have much worth talking about out my kitchen window....except the neighbors back yard!

    And I feel like a blog dummy....never heard of a meme....so I am off to research!


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