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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! What a fun day. As a teacher I received many sweet cards and just plain sweets from students all around the building!

When I came home Archer decided we should go to Syro's (YUM) for dinner. Then we stopped by the museum and visited a little bit.

I love that Archer is so comfortable talking with and being with adults. This most likely stems from being an only child who was basically raised at a museum (not a lot of children hanging out there). This is a pic of Archer and our dear, sweet, wonderful friend Susan. He enjoys chatting with her, going over and hanging out on her couch, eating her food! (I think he is just being nice until she gives him that love seat in her sitting room! haha) I also think he likes her because she treats him the same as she treats everyone else - like he is important to her, like she cares about he thinks, like he is her friend. Wonderful. And isn't she the cutest?


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    Heck, Archer is no dummy! He goes where the good stuff is! ☺

  2. What a sweet photo! Archer and Susan are two of the sweetest people I know and they almost look alike in the pic... Fun day and fun times, for sure! I read yesterday that teachers receive more Valentines that anyone else! You deserve them!

  3. Sounds like a fun day for everyone. Great kids are so much fun for adults to be around :D


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