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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The last of the wedding flashbacks

A glance a smile became friendship grew into Love.
Here it is. The last of the wedding flashbacks...Today Troy and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. When we met 14 years ago we had a very quick connection. We became instant friends and less than a year later - married! There is so much I could say about Troy, about being married, but I'm not going to. Anyone who knows us must know how much I love my husband (or why would I still be here really? haha). We have a wonderful son, we are independent of one another, yet very much intertwined. We have a good life. I love you sweetie.

The Bride & Groom. Not my favorite picture, but the one I could get to easily! The groom.
The bride
The wedding party. Carrie, DeAnne, Joel, Jerrie, Troy, Sharon, Alex, John.
One of my favorite pictures from my wedding day. Me & my incredible siblings. My brothers John & Alex, and my little sister DeAnne. Lovely.


  1. awwwwwwwwwwww, so sweet! I absolutely love all the pictures. I think I like the one of the 4 siblings best too, very cute.

    ♥♥♥Happy Anniversary!♥♥♥ May you have many more years of wedded bliss (and not too many "ultra" days)!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary to a great couple! ooh That almost sounds like a Hallmark card. Love to you both on your special and wishing you many more.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Nice pics!
    You look so young and in-love - some things never change!

  4. Happy, happy day, and happy year! Have a wonderful celebration, and thanks for sharing your great pics!

    Katrina, Joel, M & E


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