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Monday, February 25, 2008

my poor baby.

Archer came home from school today not feeling well. Since 2:00 he has been laying on his couch - sleeping, drinking. That is it. Poor kid. He has an assortment of liquids - OJ, Sierra Mist, water next to him. He has also been visited many times by a special healing friend, aka Spazzy Jazzy!

His temperature is coming down a bit. It was 101.3 for awhile...Let's hope for a quick recovery! He doesn't want to miss school, as the quarter is almost over and he has "things to do" - this is a great new attitude (not wanting to miss school). A few years ago he wanted to stay home for a hangnail. :)Get better soon my sweet boy!


  1. Get well soon Archer! We're sending lots of ♥ your way!

    I can totally see staying home for a hangnail ... heck, that's right up there with staying home because of the new kitten. ☺

    Try some Girl Scout cookies ... they might help!!!

  2. Make him a smoothie in the bullet, Jerrie. He's done it for you! Hope you feel better soon, Archer, it is not nice to be sick at the end of the quarter when you have things to finish up. Take care!

  3. Get well soon Archer! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well!

  4. I hope Archer's feeling better today!

    I know that there's lots of "stuff" going around. Hopefully he's not down too long.

  5. Just sat down to pay bills hope Archer is better and happy anniversary We love you guys. MOM


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