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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lovely Sunday!

Watched some movies. The Game Play. Sliding Doors. Martian Child. Enjoyable.

Scrapbooked! Yay! I haven't really sat down and scrapped for quite some time. Today I completed this very cute mini-album of Archer and Nicholas. The pictures were all from last Fall when Nick came to stay for a couple weeks. I really enjoyed making this little album - it was quick and simple and I love how it turned out! I also completed a few pages - I feel quite accomplished today.

Happy Day!


  1. Very cute mini-album ... I bet Archer will love it.

    How was "Martian Child?" You know I've been dying to see that one ... you just have to love John Cusack!!! ♥

  2. Good job on the album! I have all the scrapbooking supplies but not sat down to even try since Katie was a baby!!

  3. I love it. I scraped today too. With my sisters. Fun.

  4. Oh my those are cuuuute kids. Great album pages!


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