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Friday, February 22, 2008

Wedding Flashback: Part 2

The Cake. Really what would wedding posts be without The Cake? The Cake is so important to a wedding - people actually remember The Cake.

Troy's sister, Kirsten (right) made the cake. It was delicious! It had a slight almond flavor and was...fabulous...I can't even think of what to write about the taste. (Katrina do you remember The Cake?)

The Cake was decorated with fresh roses. Kirsten's friend Marissa came up to help with the set up and decorating of The Cake. I really didn't want a traditional tiered cake so this display was was perfect.Now, what is a wedding without at least one little mishap? While there was nothing wrong with The Cake (as I said it was wonderful) there evidently was a slight problem on the cake table. A few years after the wedding I was talking with my mom and she mentioned "the fire" at my wedding. Well, this was the first I had heard about a fire - I think I just stared at her in shock.
Here is the story: The Cake table was decorated with white tulle, some greens and roses, and votive candles in glass candle holders (if you make the picture bigger maybe you can see)...the table itself was beautiful. Evidently during the course of the reception a piece of tulle was shifted in someway and fell over one of the candles - presto! fire! It was extinguished quickly and isn't noticeable in any of the pictures...But it is a story to tell...the fire at my wedding - what excitement!


  1. I knew you were One Hot Mama, I just had no idea how hot! LOL Thank goodness the fire was small and contained rather quickly. I would hate for you to have to exhibit a picture of The Cake and say wistfully, "We never got to taste it because it went up in flames!"

    Ohhhh...I can't wait to see the bride!

  2. I do like the set-up of your cake, not the usual which is always nice.

    It's kind of nice that you didn't know about the fire until later. It's not like you were busy or anything that day ... ha!

  3. Ah...that cake was perhaps the best tasting wedding cake I've ever sampled. Yes, slight almond taste, not too sweet - just right, excellent frosting. And, of course it was beautiful!

    That's funny - I didn't know about the fire either. :) That's a great story!

  4. Make it again and we can all have a slice. That would be a nice anniversary celebration. You toiling in the kitchen all day and me eating cake... I like it.


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