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Saturday, February 09, 2008


Tonight (after the glorious coffee/chocolate tasting - oh yeah) I went into my mom's to see brother John and nephew Nicholas.

Nick is one of my favorite little people. He is full of personality. And he is adorable. I brought him some fresh blueberries - that makes him love me! haha! It does help break the ice - no shyness when you bring him food (kinda like his Aunt Jerrie...hmmm)....Nick LOVES his Grandpa-pa David. Evidently he was waiting at the door with his arms crossed waiting for Grandpa to get home from work today...Didn't even take a nap waiting for Grandpa which could be why he was so tired tonight.
Nick alternately likes to beat up Uncle Alex and be held by him. Alex is very tall and makes a short person like Nick very tall as well.
Aunt Paula, Aunt Berta and Alex hanging on the couch. I am at the end. Our family can fit a lot of people on a couch. If DeAnne had been there she probably would have squeezed in as well. People comment on how tight we squeeze in or pile on...
I was commenting to Troy the other night on how few times John is mentioned on my blog and how there are even fewer pictures of him...So, my goal tonight was to get a picture and post it. Uh...yea...didn't happen. Oooops. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Poor John! Why didn't he squeeze in on that couch action too?

  2. Nick is too darn cute! He makes me want to pinch those cheeks of his! :)

  3. Nice family times. Good for you. John probably avoids the camera like his sister Jerrie...

  4. Great pictures. Family get-togethers are fun! Hopefully you catch John next time!

  5. There are photo dodgers among us...hmmm...I know one...or two.


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