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Friday, February 08, 2008


Thank you friends for your kind words. Yesterday was a challenge. Many days are a challenge. Today was challenging, yet a much better day than yesterday. Your words of empathy, kindness, and encouragement were (was) happily received.

Looking forward to this weekend. It is full and is looking to be fantastic!

Saturday - From 12:30 - 4:00 p.m. there will be a free coffee/chocolate tasting at the Lynden Pioneer Museum. If you are close by you should come by for a taste of Starbucks and some chocolate from the new Lynden Chocolate Shop. What is not to love? If you are around town stop by the museum, say hi to my beautiful cousin, Lorinda & I, and enjoy a little cuppa joe & some awesome chocolate.

My brother, John, and my gorgeous nephew, Nicholas, are at mom's for the weekend. After the coffee/chocolate day I will go to mom's for a visit. I haven't seen Nick since Christmas and John since Nick's 2nd birthday party in August! John was in Germany for four months serving our country (he spent his 40th birthday there- so not only have I not seen him for six months he got OLD in that time - haha).

Sunday - Oh the beauty of Sunday. My friend Cheryl and I will be going to see our boyfriend, Matthew, in his new movie Fool's Gold. While the movie may not have received good review (dumb newspaper) I don't think they took into account the review of Matthew himself. Can't wait for that one!

Those are the plans. My guys? I don't know - video games, air soft, boy stuff.


  1. What a nice weekend you have planned. I did see the movie review this morning on Today. Ann Curry (spelling) kept saying...but I think he has his shirt off a lot. I also think that counts for a lot.

  2. Chocolate, coffee, cutie, hottie.
    Wahooooo...what a day!
    Glad you're feelin' better ;D

  3. Hmm...I think I just discovered what I'm doing on Sunday too. ;)

    TGIF - glad today was better for you.

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend you have planned! I do wish I was closer so that I could come sample the chocolate! LOL Someone else can have my coffee, though.

    My weekend plans include watching the race tonight and doing laundry tomorrow. Yep, that's pretty much it! YAY!

  5. Friday's are meant to be better and I'm glad that held true for you. It definitely didn't help that you were illin this week! Thank goodness you are well for the weekend because oh what a weekend it will be.

    Matthew's lovely, glistening, tanned, HOT 6-pack ... omg ... I can NOT wait!!! ☺


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