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Thursday, March 06, 2008

growing so fast.

After dropping Archer off at a friend's house to spend the night (no school for him tomorrow!) I went into his room. On his bed was his blankie and his lamby - just like when he was little. He loves these objects - he always has and I suppose he always will. He is a very sentimental boy. The blankie was made by some older ladies living at the Swiss Village in Berne, Indiana were Troy's grandma Neola lived. This blanket was from her - it is well worn - tattered and worn through in areas. I have told Archer maybe he should stop using it - put it away so it doesn't fall apart anymore - but he will have none of it - still has it on his bed every night when he is home. Lamby (original name huh?) was given to Archer by Grandma Annette when he was born - she brought it to the hospital! I love going into his room and seeing Archer's Lamby and blankie - just there waiting for him. Looking at these objects makes me realize how old Archer is getting. He's no longer my little boy cuddled up with me and Lamby and blankie - now he is an almost teenager off with friends doing his own thing. Sometimes I miss the little boy that he once was, but I am honestly enjoying (most of the time) the young man he is becoming. He will always be my sweet boy!


  1. He is going to flip out when he see that you posted about this!!!! LOL

    I wish that they could stay young forever!!

  2. Yes, he is definitely growing up. It's amazing how it happens & we don't always see it coming. ☺

  3. Oh man! You are in for some big time blog attitude for this post. Glad I'm not you.
    One of my guys didn't want to give up the woobie and we told him he could have through college but not take it on his honeymoon. Well, that solved that-he said- then I won't get married. That was when he was 5 and he has changed his mind.

  4. Jerrie i think the lamb and blanket are great.mom

  5. What a really sweet post. Time really does go quick doesn't it. One minute they are tiny little babies - the next off to school and independence. My eldest is 17 this year and it just doesn't seem possible. Every day brings new memories to cherish.


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