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Sunday, March 09, 2008


Today was a calm Sunday. I was alone most of the day. Archer was at his friends house, Troy went to air soft. Me? I watched a movie, read (a lot) in my book, made a fantastic smoothie and some Irish Oatmeal (LOVE it)! I went for a walk this evening in an effort to capture a picture for my picture of the day project.On my way home I walked through the back yard and noticed the buds on the lilac trees! Lilacs are my favorite - I hate that their season is so short, but it makes me so happy to see buds and know that they are on their way. My kitchen is rarely without lilacs when the trees are in full bloom (we have three and my parents have several more in case I want variety as our are all the same)!

Yay Spring!


  1. I'm with ya on the lilacs...they are my favorite smell of the springtime. I wish they lasted longer!

  2. I am learning about gardening at the moment as we have a garden crying out for some colour and some tidying. These look really pretty - I may see if they are easy to grow and see if they will flourish over here - I love the colours lilac and purple so it would be a welcome addition to our garden


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