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Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Friday Friends

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Friday and a glorious weekend. At least it looks like Saturday will be gorgeous! What a wonderful Pacific Northwest Day we had today. We (Archer & I) worked in the house a bit and spent the rest of the day doing nothing - just relaxing. I love the sun streaming through the windows and heating the house naturally. I see the heat being turned off for the season in the near future...I love it when that happens. I am thinking right now is a bit premature as the mornings tend to get chilly. Usually by early-mid May we are heat free! Yay!

Archer and I rearrange the living room. Every Spring the room gets moved a bit. It is a small house so the options are not great, but we do adjust a bit here and there. I love to rearrange - an inherited trait from my mother. I remember as a kid our living room changing frequently - don't try to walk through in the dark you could be in for a surprise.

Spring break was nice. Lots of boys for the first part of the week, Caleb's 13th birthday party @ the bowling alley, shopping with Lorinda, a little housework, and relaxing! Wonderful.

The birthday boy, Caleb. It's hard for me to believe he is 13! That means that Archer is just three months from becoming a teenager. Archer and Caleb have grown up together. They were each other's first friends. It is fun to see them growing up, becoming young men to be proud of...

Caleb is funny and smart and a lot of fun. I can always count on him for a hug, to say hello when I first see him, to say good bye before we part. He is so kind and full of life.

Happy 13th Birthday Caleb Shmalub! Love ya.


  1. My hubby loves to rearrange too! Including the kitchen cabinets! My friends ask how I deal with the constant change....you just learn to live with it! :)

  2. Callie will be very happy the next time we go to your house. She LOVES that you move your furniture around (we NEVER move ours)!!!

    Tomorrow is going to be a glorious day ... I can't wait!

    Happy Birthday Caleb ... 13 years old ... getting up there. ☺

  3. I guess I haven't seen Caleb for a bit and he grew up while I wasn't looking. A handsome young man!
    Happy Birthday Caleb!

  4. Glad you enjoyed your spring break...sounds like you had lots of fun.

  5. Just noticed your weather girl in your sidebar...too cute!


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