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Monday, April 14, 2008

worthless waffles and other random tidbits.

It is Monday morning. The first after Spring break. Oh how I wish Spring break could have lasted just a little bit longer...In honor of this chilly Pacific Northwest Monday I have decided to share a few random tidbits (I love that word) and a little waffle story.

Last night after Archer had been in bed for awhile I hear "MOOOOOOM." Being in bed myself I ignore it thinking if it is important (like vomit or something) he would get up. Then "MOOOOOOM" again. So, I haul myself out of bed and go check to see what Master Archer wants.

"Can you put syrup on the grocery list?" him
"Ya. Okay." me (leaving thinking...well...never mind)
"Now?" him
"Ya. Okay." me (how do you think I am feeling now?)

"Because really waffles are worthless without syrup." And really have truer words ever been spoken? And...where did this morsel of wisdom come from? Really? He was practically asleep...So, being the good mom I am I went and wrote syrup on the list and went back to tell him I did so (didn't want him to think I was a slacker) and guess what? He was ASLEEP! Geez!

Okay. Now for some random tidbits...otherwise known as things I really like right now...

tid*bit - a choice or pleasing bit of anything

1. for my smoothie drinkin' friends (you know who you are) and those who just like yogurt. Have you tried the Apricot-Mango Greek style yogurt from Trader Joes? It is so good. Excellent in a smoothie and chunky enough for a picky yogurt eater like me to just eat. And one container will make 3 or 4 smoothies! YUM! Try it!

2. for help in the weight-loss arena: http://www.my-calorie-counter.com This site rocks. It is free and easy peasy to use. My cousin, Lorinda - the personal trainer (aka crazy exercise girl) got me hooked now I am obsessed. It really makes me think. I use to keep a food journal, but this is so much more! Love it! (p.s. the numbers can be customized for you...so if you need help w/ that let me know...it is easy- even I can do it!)

3. Alex got a job! Yay!

4. Starbucks has some stinkin' cute new *stuff* in store. I love Starbucks mugs!5. New episodes of shows! Yay! Cold Case, Without a Trace, Criminal Minds, CSI, Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men! Thank goodness!

I think that is enough goodness to get you through this gray Monday! Enjoy!

And...Welcome back Tami!


  1. Indeed. Worthless waffles. Ick! LOL

    I'm so glad new shows are coming back, but I will say that thanks to the writers strike, we discovered the joy that is Big Bang Theory! OMG! I LOVE that show!! HILARIOUS! Had it not been for the strike, we'd have never "found" it. YAY for strikes! Uh, sorta.

  2. Spring Break is over & our lovely Saturday weather went along with it. Oh well, it has to get decent soon ... RIGHT?

  3. Why thank you, dear!
    Tidbits from moi-
    *I am going to that calorie countin website directly!
    *Starbucks mugs are a favorite and now I have the Hawaiian Starbuck mug-love it!
    *It is the finale for The Biggest Loser this week! yay
    *My tan is fading.
    *Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream will do in a pinch.

  4. Oh! What job did Alex get? Our Alex got a job too. His mama is happy.

  5. Hilarious! Mmm... waffles sound great. I like 'em with strawberries and whipped cream too.

    Funny - I saw that exact mug at Starbucks yesterday and loved it, and thought, "hey, I bet Jerrie would like this mug too."

  6. I was thinkin' yesterday (yesss..it happens!) that the best thing about the writers strike is that there was absolutely nothingggg on TV. Nothing on TV = looking for something else to do = blogging! I have a new hobby, not sure if it's a good thing...he he.

  7. I love the mugs at starbucks too. but you can only use so many mugs! I wanna buy them.


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