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Sunday, April 06, 2008

it really happened...

It finally happened. We were in the car and Archer says he thinks he needs a hair cut. Okay. Fine. He was thinking short, short like it was before. Then he got nervous. He says he would miss his hair. I had to remind him it isn't an all or nothing deal - he could get a trim. So, that is what he chose. The lady at Great Clips was great and knew exactly what to do to make him happy. Yay!

Before. Crazy hair. Yikes!

After. A nice medium boy's shag. It is still wet in this picture, so the curls aren't out in full force. Now that it is dry it is a bit curlier, but far more tame.
Advice: It is best not to bug a kid (especially a teen/preteen) about one's appearance. I never really said anything about the crazy hair...I didn't nag or complain much. I did nag and require very frequent showers - that hair needed to be washed a lot! But a cut? I let him come up with that great idea on his own (with a little help from Grandpa and Berta).

And doesn't he look handsome?

Edited: the pics were taken w/ Alvin and the Chipmunks only because Great Clips is next to Blockbuster and we thought it would be a nice backdrop. And doesn't he look cool with the 'munks?


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