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Saturday, April 19, 2008

You can see why I might have been worried...

When I went to pick up Archer at Sparring/Hapkido last night I walked in and saw my child practicing kicks with a friend. Then practicing some rolls...All of this is very normal so I turned my attention elsewhere - to the absolutely adorable 7-month old sitting next to me. Seriously adorable!

When I looked up I was a bit (not a lot) surprised to see my child, my little boy (haha), learning to use num chucks. Really, wouldn't you be a bit worried? Especially after seeing him whack himself in the head once or twice. The master who was teaching him came over when he saw the look on my face...The num chucks are foam rubber (oh thank goodness). Then went on to explain that when he learned they were wood filled with steel...Uh- YIKES!

So, Archer convinced me he needed num chucks so he could practice. He wants to participate on the demo team (possibly) and he would need to practice. Right? He is very convincing...The pictures aren't great, but I didn't really want to take the time to adjust settings and he didn't really want to pose...Imagine that.
In other news. I went shopping with my mom on Wednesday and being that Archer really needs new shoes we took a trip to Famous Footwear. They were having their buy one get one half off sale! Love that sale. I found these little cuties for $24...(ended up $12! Yay). Aren't they cute?
And for those who are thinking about mycaloriecounter.com....GO! It is such a great tool. I love the daily charts and the progress charts! (p.s. I've lost 6 pounds! yay!)


  1. I am SHOCKED that Archer would consider performing! That is SO unlike him. I think I'd have been a tad worried as well ... thank goodness for foam! WHEW!!!

    So, YOU got new shoes .... but did you get any for Archer?!? ☺

  2. It's good to have nunchuck skills! (so I have heard)


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