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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

in my world

In my world right now:
  • My house is a mess. Now what should I do about that? Blog about it? Clean it? We'll see.
  • Archer has early release. Yay for him.
  • Archer successfully got his contacts yesterday. Yay for him again! I don't think I could do it.
  • I am shopping tonight for the food for the Youth Group lock-in (not lock-up!) on Friday night. My participation includes shopping for food and dropping kids off at the church - NOT going in the church that is filled with Middle School Mayhem (that is the name of the group - would you want to stay over night? No. Me either).
  • In my quest to a) be more organized and b) bring more creativity into my everyday I am in the midst of a photo organization project. I picked up the book Photo Freedom, by Stacy Julian and am using some of the ideas in the book in a quest to to organize in order to scrapbook a bit more...Right now my kitchen table has been taken over by pictures and such so it is dinner on the couch for the foreseeable future...
  • 14 days of school left for Archer; 11 for me, however I have to go a day after him (glory of part-time work)
  • So far no contract to work next year, so subbing and cemetery work are in my future!
  • I suspended all my holds at the library in an effort to read the books that I have purchased and not read or been given and not read! Then I bought a new book...Uh...ya!
I updated the book blog. It has been awhile. We're slackers!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You should definitely blog about your house needing cleaning. Because then I can feel better as I read your blog about needing to clean while I sit and read and need to clean myself. Oh my, does that make sense?

    My kids get out of school Friday and have to go back next Wednesday for an hour to pick up report cards. I have no clue why they do that, but what can I do? I am so glad that school is almost out. I am tired of the daily homework battles!

    Yay for books! Don't tell my hubby that it's possible to read nothing but the books I have at home and to NOT check out more from the library. He would make me do just that and I would die. hehe

  2. Thanks for the update on your world right now! I bet most of us reading the blog or blogging have dirty houses because we are reading a blog or blogging!

    Tomorrow is the last day for my kids. Eli is excited...Kayla not so much.

  3. I am going to clean my house and then blog about it. Started last night, in fact. What a disaster!

  4. Hey, WE aren't lazy with the book blog, WE just happen to be SUPER busy! Heck, I brought 3 books to TN & shockingly I read ZERO! ha


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