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Friday, May 23, 2008

in my world part 2

It is Friday and it seems not much has changed. Except now I am at the end of my work week instead of the beginning. And there is a long weekend which rocks.
  • My house continues to be a mess. But I think that is because I am skinny. You must read Tami's post to understand. I think she makes a very, very, very good (and valid) point.
  • Archer is off to the lock-in at church. Fun times.
  • I have continued on my quest for organization. A few minutes a day really helps (and a few minutes is all I have had...).
  • I think Troy and I are going on a dinner date. I am so in the mood for Thai, but we'll see.
  • I started one of the books from my basket to read. Yay!
Have a wonderful long weekend. I hope it is filled with fun and relaxation (and a little sun maybe nice).

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  1. Have a good weekend, sound like you have a good plan to start. I am reading another book by Lisa Tucker, a new favorite author. And of course, cleaning my house and walking and running and just exhausting myself...


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