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Sunday, June 01, 2008

living up to the name...

In an attempt to live up to the name "a little bit of this and that" this is a post filled with, what one might see as, random pictures.

On Saturday Cheryl and I went to the Farmer's Market, lunch at Fiamma Burger, a movie (What Happens in Vegas - cute, go see it), and a little more shopping.

I love this sign at the Farmer's Market. As you may remember I do love cupcakes and there is a place there that sells cupcakes, real cupcakes. However, I was a bit disappointed in the selection today and ended up buying tarts (lemon and strawberry-rhubarb) at a different stand. Lunch at Fiamma Burger was okay. I liked my burger, Cheryl's chicken sandwich was a little on the iffy side. It was a bit expensive and should come with fries, but that is another story (burgers should ALWAYS come with fries...are fries really that expensive to make? No. I don't think so.)

Anyway...the best thing about Fiamma Burger is the restroom. It is one of those fully automated ones...you know with the self-flusher, auto faucet, auto hand dryer. It is very futuristic. Of course before lunch I had to go in and well...you know. When I went to use the auto dryer I was quite literally blown away. So...I forced Cheryl into the one-staller bathroom with me (I don't think it was that much of an arm-twister especially after I came out laughing) to take pictures.

This picture is of Cheryl's hand under the auto-dryer. Look closely at the skin...that was a powerful dryer...Oh my! It was like being on a roller-coaster or something. We came out of the bathroom together, laughing...people were watching, giggling...It was so worth it. Fantastic!

Came home to my lovely husband who is in the process of making wine (rhubarb & mixed fruit wine which he is calling Melange). He is obviously having too much fun...I should really cut back on his fun.
Our new little patch of dirt. I bought some pumpkins and squash at Archer's Horticulture class' Farmer's Market and needed a spot to grow them. This spot, on the side of the garage gets lots-o-sun and I always see it so it will actually get watered. Yay!
There was a beautiful sunset in Lynden tonight. I could hardly believe it when we got home from Jake's and I saw these gorgeous colors from behind the trees.
I am looking forward to Archer coming home today. He left on Thursday afternoon on a camping trip to Baker Lake with the family (grandpa, cousins, uncles...). Fun times for him and I have kept myself busy, but I sure am starting to miss him a bunch.

Happy Sunday!


  1. We had quite a good day & it was pretty funny to leave a small bathroom together & see people laughing at us. I swear, some people just do NOT know how to have fun! That can NOT be said for Jerrie & me!!! ☺

    That picture of my hand is truly disturbing. It creeps me out.

    Troy does look VERY happy in that picture. What gives?

    I ♥ the sunset picture. I swear, it didn't look like that on my side of town, although I did see a rainbow which was odd.

    Fun times!!! ☺

  2. Bathroom humor is sometimes best when shared with a friend. Y'all know how to have a rockin' good time! lol My kind of people!


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